Hiring made simple.

Save time, money and energy on remote hiring.

Curate, hire and manage candidates with one click.

No more listing fees. No more expensive recruiting fees. No more time wasted.
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How it works

Firstly, you set up a profile, just like it's social media. From there, list a job.

And that's it.

However, you can also search for candidates and leave a like on their profiles.

If you and a candidate like each other, you'll be matched and from there you can communicate on the platform, hire on the platform and then work together and you guessed it, on the platform.



Falcon: $10/month
  • Unlimited access to the platform
  • Unlimited job listings
  • Unlimited hires
  • Unlimited matches
  • Employment Contract Support
  • Unlimited in-chat access
  • Elite Customer Support
  • Security (if a hire doesn't act accordingly to their contract)

About Us

Hiring doesn't have to be so complicated. Building a team isn't about where you are, but who you are and what you believe in and finding people who match your vision. We seem to be interconnected globally in every way, except work. Someone who has a physical handicap deserves the same opportunities as a person fully able. A person who lives in a poor country deserves to have the same opportunities as a person well off. We want to bridge that gap and be the change.


It isa platform that allows you to hire people if you are running a business (or starting one), it will bring all the people who can work for you based on their skillset relevant to what you are looking for and choose the wages and hours that they worked. Pretty much, it is all the perks of hiring someone, but with the freedom of choosing people globally rather than locally.
No. We do not take a percentage out of your wages. The number you see on the agreement between yourself and your employer is what you will receive. We do however charge $10/month for businesses.
We are not responsible for taxes. As we do not interfere with wage payments, we do not tax. You will need to pay your taxes accordingly depending on the country you are living in. We have no involvement whatsoever with this however.
Yes. You have within your rights to terminate the employment of a worker. However, we recommend communicating with each other to work out a compromise to get the best you can get. Also, in regards to employment termination, you cannot dismiss someone based on any discriminatory reason. You are also required to give two weeks notice.
The minimum contract is 1 month, it goes up to a year, but if you have specific needs, for example 3 weeks or 2 years, you can choose "other" and specify the duration of the contract.
They must be of legal working age to work. This will vary from country to country. You will need to check the ages of all employees.
Contact us! We will be here to help you out. We will help you find a new employee. We will do everything we can to help you. You also need to search yourself so we can make it easier, but we are here to help you.